People electing to live in a retirement home do not wish to be left by themselves, or worse; confined to a special care unit where their health situation could continue to deteriorate. In my opinion, the Sentinel Unit is the best mean to have a smooth and harmonious atmosphere in a medium size residence.
— Murielle Filiou, care director at Maison Bruyère

Sentinel Unit

The principle of the Sentinel Unit is design for people in need of a close monitoring such as; a client capable of self mobilty or with an internenor’s help, on foot or by mean of a wheel chair; a lucid client or one with a cognitive impairment where regular monitoring is needed; one where the family, for the well being of the person, expresses the need for a constant supervision. Eligibility to be under the care of the Sentinel Unit is not age related as we welcome adults of all ages with physical or cognitive impairments.

Clients are at the core of our priorities and this is the reason why we opted for an environment favoring life quality and concepts of well being. The Sentinel Unit is designed around a residential concept with a warm family atmosphere. The Unit’s aim is to optimize psychosocial and functional autonomy. Our staff is always present in the Unit and residents are monitored every hours. All residents have access to a bell which they can ring at any moment. Nearby staff can rapidly intervene. Such a specialized care encourages normal daily activities on their floor under the umbrella of a very secured atmosphere. Residents may excuse themselves from the Unit by simply advising the personnel. Residents maintain a feeling of freedom and well being in a secured atmosphere. Each floor has 11 to 14 rooms reflecting warmth and intimacy so that our residents may really feel at home.


We encourage the presence of the immediate family as we are very well aware of the importance of family support toward the elderlies. The health team also participate in the activities offered on the floor. Such interaction encourages a bonding between us and the residents. The personnel has the client’s well being at heart; this is why everyone on staff is familiar with an individual intervention should the need arises. Monitoring by a nurse is done on a daily basis and comments are noted by the personnel on each working shift. We also work in conjunction with the CLSC as well as with the family members in order to cater to each resident’s need.


The Sentinel Unit offers a unique and specialized approach. We are strong believers that  residents will experience personal growth among us. We have the desire and knowledge to adapt to individual cases and we are convince that lending an ear to the residents and their families is the key to their well being.


You will feel at home at the Sentinel Unit!