Our Mission

A carefull listening to our client’s needs to assure a personnal exceptionnal health care. Our revolutionary concept (Sentinel Unit), is based upon our presence on site; offering security and comforts to our clients.
— Maison Bruyère

La Maison Bruyère’s mission is to offer a healthy and secure lifestyle based on respect, values, and beliefs, to any elderly person with a declining physical or cognitive autonomy.  We lend an attentive ear in order to cater to their very personnal needs. Our Sentinal Unit is an on site concept, assuring presence, security and comfort to ours clients.


Our objective is to be ever present for our residents. Care quality and a close relationship between our clients and our professionnal team is our priority. The actual design of our residence is not only conducive to maintaing this objective, but also leads to establishing little familiesatmosphere on each of our floors. 

Our Vision


Establishing a revolutionary concept aimed at a constant presence among our clients. Care quality is our top priority. With this objective in mind, we have design our lodging facilities in such a way as to create a small family atmosphere on each of our floors. This concept favors a closer contact between us and our residents, as well as assuring a top notch dispensing of services.

Our Values

 All decisions regarding our retirement home are a blueprint of our personal values. Physical proximity, equality, respect and confidentiality are, but a few of our values that we wish to establish with our clients. Our leadership coupled with our constant presence at La Maison Bruyère favors  lending an ear on a one on one basis. We encourage our employees to demonstrate creativity and work as a team.