Our mission is to cater to your needs. After all; isn’t fine cuisine one of life daily pleasures!
— Suzanne Chartrand, Chief exécutive, La Maison Bruyère

Boasting 30 years in the restaurant business; 15 of those as chief executive at the Foyer du Bonheur retirement home, Suzanne Chartrand is the ideal candidate to follow the Canadian Food Guide and make sure that every meal is a true culinary experience. 

Clients are always presented with a two meals options. The menu is scrutinized every 4 weeks to assure meal diversity. Of course, the most popular dishes will stay on the menu.

With the Canadian Food Guide in mind, a certified dietician will see that the menu meets the clients’ individual needs.

Some among you have culinary talents? Join our culinary workshop; share your expertise by cooking alongside other residents and prepare one of your favorite meal. 


You have a green thumb and gardening is right up your alley? Be it to share your knowledge, or learn from others, you will be delighted to experience conventional gardening and be part of our self sufficient organic cuisine on our gorgeous 4 acres lot.