We have a few room available for people in need of a relief care. It often happens that following surgery, people are deprived of a much needed home care. Our nurse, specialized in post surgical care, can establish a program in accordance to your doctor’s prescribed exercice therapy so that you can be self sufficient as soon as possible.

Natural caregivers are often called uponto provide for a family member in need. One may wonder, how about the health status of this natural caregiver and furthermore, when does he or she finds time for themselves? Caregivers as well as dependants often need to find free time. We have rooms equipped with electrical beds and medical equipments available to covers all your needs.

 We know all too well that the CSSS has a long waiting list. We, at Service à domicile de l’Outaouais are pleased to offer this specialized type of service so that you may recuperate adequately. It is now possible for us to offer you a relief care program in our premises. This will offset the cost related to individual home care.