With over 20 years of health care services in the National Capital area, our team of health professional is proud to offer home and institutional care to over one thousand clients.


Health Experts 

La Maison Bruyère retirement home has selected a trusted and well known home care providing firm to assure top end services for its residents. Service à Domicile de  l'Outaouais (SDO)has been in operation for over 20 years and offers institutionnal as well as private home care services. Backed by over 100 health professional, Service à Domicile de l’Outaouais offers the best accessible care to La Maison Bruyère’s residents. Headed by a nurse with over 35 years of experience, SDO is without a doubt the most competent health care provider in the area.

One big family !
La maison Bruyère stands out by its customized services, its professional health team, its active listening and its family oriented attitude. La maison Bruyère is above all, one big family.
— Karim Filiou, President and Managing director for La Maison Bruyère


Murielle Filiou, Care administrator


Murielle et Karim Filiou

Murielle et Karim Filiou

What I love about  La Maison Bruyère isthat I can make a difference in someone's life. I think there is no greater feeling! My priority is to serve our clients to reduce their daily hassles and ensure their safety. My experience and my passion allows me to provide exceptional service to all of our customers.


Karim Filiou,President and Managing director for La Maison Bruyère


At La Maison Bruyère, I have the opportunity to leverage my passion for health care and corporate management, all in one place. I believe it is essential that we work with public healthcare providers to improve the quality of healthcare for all Canadians. My challenges are to ensure the quality of our service, our clients’ satisfaction and our employees’ well-being. Innovating is my specialty!


Karine Doyon,


My experience as a nurse practitioner, coupled with my history in SMEs, provides me with a clear understanding of the organization’s vision and how to apply it to my tasks. I am called on daily to meet with clients and am able to see how desperately people need services such as those provided by La Maison Bruyère. Contact us; I would be pleased to help!